Testing FAQ

Some of the typical questions asked prior to testing at Processall are as follows:

  1. Is there a charge for running pilot plant tests at Processall?
  2. What do I need to do to initiate a test?
  3. What do I need to provide?
  4. What Does Processall provide?
  5. Do I need to attend?
  6. What arrangements need I make for my visit?


  1. Is there a charge for running pilot plant tests at Processall?

Yes, there is a charge for running tests at Processall. These charges pay for the upkeep of the lab as well as the labor required to help perform the test. However, these charges can be applied toward equipment purchases.


  1. What do I need to do to initiate a test?

First, contact Processall to secure a test date. Typically, test dates are attained two to six weeks in advance so that arrangements can be made and materials sent. In order to ensure strict confidentiality, we only schedule one customer in at a time. Second, we encourage you to prepare a syllabus describing the tests you wish to perform, including batch sizes, recipes, sampling procedures, time involved, etc. We can better serve you when we are prepared in advance and this allows us to review the procedure prior to test day.


  1. What do I need to provide?

First, and most importantly, all materials required for performing your process. Remember that several tests may be run, so be sure to provide enough supplies to avoid running short. Also, remember to bring any cleaning compounds (other than water) needed to clean the vessel and area after the test is finished. We will need sample containers adequate for preparing your samples and returning them to your facility. Please provide shipping instructions and labels for returning these samples. Finally, please provide us with all shipping labels, MSDS forms and warnings required to meet DOT requirements when returning your product. Your product will be sent back "freight collect" unless other arrangements are made in advance. All empty containers and cleaning solutions will be returned as local laws prevent us from disposing of them or storing them on our site.


  1. What Does Processall provide?

Processall's facility is equipped with the following (PARTIAL LISTING):

  • Model 4 H/V - (1 gallon) 4 liter capacity, one HP main drive, one HP mill drive. Mixer/Reactor/Dryer with heating/cooling jacket.
  • Model 20 H/V - 20 liter (5 gallons) capacity 3 HP main drive, 1 HP mill drive. Mixer/Reactor/Dryer with heating/cooling jacket.
  • Model 90 H - 90 liter capacity (23 gallons) 5 HP main drive, 2 HP mill drive. Mixer/Reactor/Dryer with heating/cooling jacket.
  • Model 140 H - 140 liter capacity (35 gallons) 10 HP main drive, 10 HP mill drive. Mixer/Dryer with heating/cooling jacket. Jacketed filter for vapor disengagement.
  • Model 140 CVDR - 140 liter (35 gallons) continuous Mixer, 10 HP main drive. Mixer/Dryer equipped with heating/cooling jacket.
  • Model 130 G/D GRAN-U-DRY - 130 liter capacity (32 gallons) 25 HP main drive, 5 HP mill drive. Mixer/Reactor/Granulator/Dryer with heating/ cooling jacket.
  • Material Handling & Support Equipment.
  • Large Vacuum System - 5 HP vacuum pump with condenser and jacketed holding tank for drying and solvent recovery.
  • Small Vacuum System - 1 HP vacuum pump with condenser and holding tank.
  • Vacuum Drying Filter - Jacketed pulse back filter for use on 90-H and 140 mixers and dryers.
  • Liquid Dispersion System - 3 and 20 gallon pressurized tanks for spraying liquids into the process.
  • PH Control System - PH sensor and metering pump, automatically controls PH during reactions.
  • Oil Circulation System with heating and cooling capabilities.
  • Hot Air Generation System.
  • Recirculating Hot Water System.
  • Compressed Air.
  • Steam Generator.
  • Process Documentation Center with Multi-Point Digital Recorder.
  • Digital Scales ranging from .0001 lb to 250 Lb.
  • Other instruments such as moisture measuring balance, microscope, pressure and vacuum transducers...etc.


  1. Do I need to attend?

Testing new processes requires a teamwork approach; we are the experts in our equipment and you are the experts with your process. We can accomplish the most for our time spent when all involved parties are present. Furthermore, technical and commercial issues concerning the future project can be addressed during this testing period. Please feel free to bring anyone else you feel might benefit from the testing.


  1. What arrangements do I need to make for my visit?

We will be happy to make the required hotel reservations. There are several hotels in the immediate area which we can recommend or you can schedule your own stay. Processall's pilot plant facility is unsurpassed in this industry. It is designed to acquaint you with our new and different technologies as well as upgrading your process to new levels. We are looking forward to meeting you and showing you the "Processall Experience".