About Us

Processall 60HV Mixer

Processall is a leading manufacturer of mixing, drying and reacting equipment for a variety of industries. Our line of mixers, reactors and vacuum dryers are carefully designed to meet the exacting requirements of your specific application and industry. We design our equipment for both the lab and for batch production. We are keenly aware of the need for accuracy, speed, and temperature control in your processes and design our equipment to exceed your expectations in these areas. We are experienced in building our equipment for a variety of industries and applications. 

Headquartered in Mason, Ohio, Processall has facilities strategically located globally. Our 315,000 SF headquarters is ISO 9001:2008 registered and conveniently located in the Midwest with easy access to shipping throughout the United States. Globally, we have over 500,000 SF of manufacturing space and more than 400 employees. We are a privately owned, certified woman-owned corporation that is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers.

Processall is part of The Armor Group, Inc., a diversified group of manufacturing companies. As a subsidiary of The Armor Group, Inc., Processall has the extensive use of shared services and experiences that come with being part of a larger company. The Armor Group, Inc. has been under current ownership since 1996. Since then, Armor has purchased Williamson Metal Works (Madison, Indiana), Beckwith Grinding (Hamilton, Ohio), Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (Cincinnati, Ohio), Midwest Mobile (Cincinnati, Ohio), AF Industries (Cincinnati, Ohio), Mokry Tesmer (Middletown, Ohio), PrimeSource MetalWorks (Cincinnati, Ohio), Witt Industries (Cincinnati, Ohio), George Manufacturing (Lebanon, Ohio), Victory Industrial Products (Batavia, Ohio) Precision Quincy Shelters (Woodstock, Illinois), André Corporation (Elkhart, Indiana), Processall (Woodlawn, Ohio), Armor Products (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Cullip Industries (Elkhart, Indiana). To read more of the history of The Armor Group, click here.